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Top Ten Books for Religious Naturalism



When God Is Gone, Everything Is Holy: Making of a Religious Naturalist

Chet Raymo

Raymo has enriched and graced our lives with this wonderfulbook, steeped in wisdom, warmth, and clarity. A classic.



The Sacred Depths of Nature

Ursula Goodenough

In eloquent prose a noted molecular biologist, offers a scientist's insight into the dialogue between science and religion and lays the foundation for RN .



Religion is not about God

Loyal Rue

A two-time Templeton award winner relates how spiritual traditions nurture our biological nature and what to expect when they fail.



The God Problem

 Nigel Leaves

Discusses four ways of addressing the God problem with Religious Naturalism being one way.



Dancing with the Sacred

Karl Peters

Zygon editor Peters describes a naturalistic theism, in which the sacred or divine is thought of as a system of non-personal processes within the natural world.



Reinventing the Sacred

Stuart Kauffman

A leading authority on complexity theory and theoretical biology Kauffman presents a new view of a fully natural God and of the sacred, based on a new, emerging scientific worldview.



In the Beginning….Creativity

Gordon Kaufman

This renowned Harvard theologian urges the inadequacy of traditional Western conceptions of the divine creator and strongly argues instead for thinking of God as creativity itself.



Reason and Reverence

William R. Murry

A Religious Humanism approach to Religious Naturalism




Why Would Anyone Believe In God?

Justin L. Barrett

 Anyone who wants a concise, clear, and scientific explanation of why anyone would believe in God should read this book.




The Little Book of Atheist Spirituality

The French philosopher Comte-Sponville suggests that we must rethink our relationship to values we have inherited from ancient traditions and ask ourselves whether their significance comes from the existence of a higher power or simply from the human need to connect to one another and the universe.



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Religious Naturalism Today: The Rebirth of a Forgotten Alternative 

New Release by Jerome A. Stone


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